Marijuana Branding and Marketing

Marijuana is the most used drug in the world, but with the latest invention in the medical field, has opened a whole new opportunity for Marijuana sellers in the US. According to NuWu – Las Vegas dispensary, It further led to the increase in demand for branding and marketing.

Marijuana is derived from the Indian hemp plant. Mainly the flowers are used to manufacture the drug, rest all parts of the plant are useless in its production. It usually comes in green, brown and grey color. When sold, it is a mixture of dried leaves, stems and seeds. There are 400 chemicals in marijuana, and the chemical that leads to “high” in the users is called TCH. TCH has mind-altering effects, and thus marijuana is referred as a drug.

What factors lead to marijuana branding and marketing?

The medicinal use of marijuana is the chemical called CBD, found in it. When used for medicinal purpose, it can either be brewed in tea or mixed with cakes and cookies. CBD does not lead to high, and thus many states have allowed the usage of marijuana. The marijuana used for medicinal purposes is high in CBD but low in TCH.

Marijuana branding and marketing was an effort to popularize it as a drug for its medicinal benefits.

• It is used to treat nausea in the cancer patients undergoing the chemotherapy treatment.
• It helps in the treatment of eye disease called glaucoma.
• It helps in the prevention of epileptic seizures.
• It can be used to stop cancer cells from spreading.
• It also decreases anxiety and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
• Marijuana has also proved its effectiveness in reducing the pain of multiple sclerosis.
• Some of the muscle spasms can effectively be treated with marijuana.
• Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like the Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can benefit from the usage of marijuana.
• It can also help in the treatment of sleep pattern disorder.

Due to all these benefits of marijuana and the removal of misconceptions, lead to widespread usage of marijuana in edible form or using the vaporizer in the state. Professional Marijuana branding and marketing is required because of the increased competition in the market.

All this is because several states including the United States of America legalized the usage of the drug. Researchers are even forecasting that by 2021, the market will become a full-fledged one, and will solely generate more than $17 billion a year.