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Increasingly, Marylanders interested in treating pain aren’t visiting a drug store or a pharmacy. They’re looking for professional medical marijuana consultations and then visiting a medical marijuana dispensary. Maryland has recognized the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana since 2013. Today, over 70,000 residents of the Free State—over 1% of the population—are registered as medical marijuana patients with the state.


If you’re interested in learning how cannabis works safely and gently with the body to treat chronic pain and inflammation, this article is a great start. And we’ll share 5 medical marijuana products designed to bring sustainable relief for many common types of pain.

Medical Marijuana for Pain: A Natural Partnership with the Body

Marijuana contains a group of roughly 150 natural compounds called “cannabinoids.” You may have heard of the two most abundant: THC and CBD. When we take medical marijuana for pain, these cannabinoids interact with a regulatory network called the Endocannabinoid System to impart a wide variety of pain-fighting effects.


Both THC and CBD are potent anti-inflammatories, which means they work with the body to reduce pain and swelling at the sites of injuries. But there’s more: THC blocks pain signals as they pass through the spinal cord to the brain. And its euphoric “high” can increase the activity of our own opioid receptors (without relying on potentially harmful opioid drugs).


By comparison, CBD reduces pain by helping control signalling and repair cells. In addition, it initiates a pain-reducing response in the brain, stimulating receptors to dampen the signals of pain as they’re received there.


Medical Marijuana for Pain: 5 Proven Products for Pain

A Maryland medical cannabis dispensary will typically stock any number of medical marijuana products for pain. Here are 5 of the most popular, each designed to address pain in different ways.


Harmony High-Potency Oil by Liberty

This marijuana tincture is a great option for those who prefer not to inhale marijuana. Recommended against pain, loss of appetite and depression, this potent extract delivers gentle relief with just a few drops dissolved into your favorite beverage or placed underneath the tongue for faster absorption.


Crown Chakra CBD Bath Bomb by Hari Om Hemp

Yes, marijuana finds its way into bath bombs (and they’re an unbelievably soothing way to obtain the plant’s pain-fighting properties. This one is enhanced with the naturally relaxing power of fresh lavender flower.


BG Diesel Pre-Roll by Nature’s Heritage

This pre-rolled joint is a boon for those who want fast pain relief without fussing with loose marijuana flower. This strain is loved for its ability to quickly numb bodily aches and pains without overly clouding the mind.


Blue Dream Vape Cartridge by Curio Wellness

One of the most popular marijuana strains for its potent pain-fighting effects, Blue Dream imparts a gentle euphoria that won’t leave you feeling sedated. Noted for its lovely sweet berry aroma, this cartridge fits a standard 510 thread battery.


1:1 Transdermal Patch by Mary’s Medicinals

This award-winning company is a leader in delivering accurate dosing through topical applications. With a balanced blend of the primary cannabinoids CBD and THC, these patches offer up to 12 hours of powerful pain-fighting relief with a single application.

Marijuana is the most used drug in the world, but with the latest invention in the medical field, has opened a whole new opportunity for Marijuana sellers in the US. According to NuWu – Las Vegas dispensary, It further led to the increase in demand for branding and marketing.

Marijuana is derived from the Indian hemp plant. Mainly the flowers are used to manufacture the drug, rest all parts of the plant are useless in its production. It usually comes in green, brown and grey color. When sold, it is a mixture of dried leaves, stems and seeds. There are 400 chemicals in marijuana, and the chemical that leads to “high” in the users is called TCH. TCH has mind-altering effects, and thus marijuana is referred as a drug.

What factors lead to marijuana branding and marketing?

The medicinal use of marijuana is the chemical called CBD, found in it. When used for medicinal purpose, it can either be brewed in tea or mixed with cakes and cookies. CBD does not lead to high, and thus many states have allowed the usage of marijuana. The marijuana used for medicinal purposes is high in CBD but low in TCH.

Marijuana branding and marketing was an effort to popularize it as a drug for its medicinal benefits.

• It is used to treat nausea in the cancer patients undergoing the chemotherapy treatment.
• It helps in the treatment of eye disease called glaucoma.
• It helps in the prevention of epileptic seizures.
• It can be used to stop cancer cells from spreading.
• It also decreases anxiety and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
• Marijuana has also proved its effectiveness in reducing the pain of multiple sclerosis.
• Some of the muscle spasms can effectively be treated with marijuana.
• Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like the Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can benefit from the usage of marijuana.
• It can also help in the treatment of sleep pattern disorder.

Due to all these benefits of marijuana and the removal of misconceptions, lead to widespread usage of marijuana in edible form or using the vaporizer in the state. Professional Marijuana branding and marketing is required because of the increased competition in the market.

All this is because several states including the United States of America legalized the usage of the drug. Researchers are even forecasting that by 2021, the market will become a full-fledged one, and will solely generate more than $17 billion a year.